Thought for the Day--March 10, 2011: Getting Through Difficult Days

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Healthy and Yummy.


Yesterday and Tuesday were difficult days for me; I was voraciously hungry and wanted to eat everything in sight. I also woke up much earlier than usual (3:00 a.m.).

I felt like a total mess.

I suspect that my circadian cycle was still mixed up from residual jet lag.

Whatever the reason for difficult hunger days, there are ways to mitigate any damage:
1. Eat more raw vegetables and fruits. If you are truly hungry (which I was), these foods will help satisfy you.

2. If you are on Weight Watchers, consider using up some some of your extra weekly or activity points (which I did on Tuesday).
If not on WW, eat some extra calories, such as a special treat (Yesterday, I ate a FiberPlus Bar, both sweet and nutritious, loaded with 9 grams of fiber, 120 calories, 7g sugar, 2g protein, well worth it).

Your treat should consist of something that won't kick up your hunger even more. Nuts and seeds can be good choices, but keep in mind: what works for me may not work for you.
3. Drink lots of liquids, such as water and decaf tea.

4. Get busy on non-food activities, such as moderate exercise, work, or hobby.
If you're just "mouth" hungry, you will be distracted. However, if you're physically hungry, you will NOT be distracted.

When determining hunger, try using this annotated hunger and fullness scale.
No one is perfect, so if you screw up, it's okay. It's part of being human.

Today is a new day. Today is what matters, not yesterday, which has already passed, or tomorrow, which has not yet arrived.

Starting with NOW, just take one minute at a time.



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