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Thought for the Day--January 26, 2011: Veggies and Fruits

Try to eat more vegetables and fruits--on Weight Watchers, most vegetables and all non-processed fruits are free of PointsPlus. These foods are surprisingly good and filling--and no one ever got fat from eating too many bananas or apples. Besides, you will discover that your appetite will exhibit a natural suppressant when it comes to whole foods. Embracing your palette is not all about chocolate, ice cream, and cake, but the whole rainbow of choices.

Thought for the Day--January 16, 2011: The Carrot Test

If you think you're hungry, take the carrot* test: If you're not willing to eat a carrot to satisfy hunger, then you're not really hungry. Don't kid yourself; if your so-called hunger is just a craving for chocolate, then, for goodness sake, eat a piece of chocolate. Savor! Enjoy! Then move on. It's better to eat the food that feeds your soul than to eat something that feels blah and boring and may cause you to eat the chocolate anyway, plus that bag of potato chips, candy bar, cake, etc. _________________________________ *Or use any test food that you like but would never use for a binge.

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