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The (Non) Dieter’s Prayer

Tempt us. Lead us into temptation. Embrace all that is good for our bodies, And good for our souls. Eat well, eat healthy, eat for pleasure and love. Eat foods we love. Chocolate, Cherries, Cheese, Pasta, Nuts, and Seeds... Tomatoes. Temptations for our palettes. The secret? Moderation in all good things. Enjoy delicious, high-octane food; But plan for these special occasions: Births, baptisms, weddings, holidays, and more. Moderation in all good things. In our daily lives, We learn sleight of menu: We create healthy pizza, low-fat spaghetti and meat balls, And corn on the cob– Add a dash of spice to the palette– And cut the saturated fat. And don’t forget the skinny ice cream. Lower fat, lower sugar, lower refined carbs Can equal delectable. Never be hungry, Do not go hungry Most of all: Enjoy life, Enjoy all.

Memoir Madness: Driven to Involuntary Commitment