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A Miracle! The Virgin Mary of the Forest!

Our Virgin Mary of the Forest _________________________ I think all of us create our own miracles. – Michael Landon _______________________ The Virgin Mary walks the forest – at least that’s what your eyes are telling you as you look at the above photograph. But I guarantee you: this is no miracle, unless you believe that Photoshopping is a miracle. This photo is 100% fake. I know – because I’m the one who faked it. Lately, I have been seeing myriad Facebook photos on my timeline depicting miracles, usually a ghostly Jesus or the Virgin Mary floating in the sky or appearing as a misty figure in various places. Usually, these gems are accompanied by pleas to share the miracle so that good things can happen to those who share. In the old days, it took a lot of skill to create deceptive photographs, but with the advent of Adobe and other art tools on the computer, just about anyone can easily fake a credible “miracle” photo, which I have done here. It makes me

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