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Thought for the Day--March 11, 2011: Importance of Breakfast

If you are hungry at breakfast time, that is a good sign. This suggests that you have not overeaten the previous night. One should be hungry in the morning (or whenever your morning begins). Have you noticed that most overweight people will tell you, "I don't eat breakfast because I'm not hungry then"? I was one of them. For about the first two months on my program, I disliked eating breakfast right after getting up and would often wait for hours. I was afraid that eating would kick in my hunger response (something that my grandmother always told me--as if you could avoid hunger by not eating at all). LOL Now I love breakfast, and often eat it within an hour of rising (I still need my coffee first). I eat a good breakfast, my standard fare: Egg white omelet (1/2 cup egg whites, 1 slice of non-fat cheese, and 1 ounce of lean deli ham), which = 3 PointsPlus 1 Deli flat bread, = 2 PointsPlus 1 fruit (usually an hour or two after breakfast), = 0 PointsPlus I may vary tha

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