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If the Affordable Care Act (ACA) Has to Have a Nickname, Why Not Obamneycare?

Obamneycare __________ Okay. I get why “ACA” might be a boring name for the Affordable Care Act; it doesn’t quite resonate and inspire. But why “Obamacare”? It seems to me that this nickname for such an important change in our healthcare system is too incendiary and polarizing, pitting Republican against Democrat, even among average citizens, cultivating an “Us versus Them” mentality when we should be working together to ensure that this change works for the benefit of all. I blame the media. Yes, you heard right: THE MEDIA. I expect Republicans to embrace the “Obamacare” term because it fits their narrative of “no” and negativity. No surprise there. But I don’t understand why the media (and even some Democrats) have jumped on “Obamacare” as the accepted lexicon for such an important and far-reaching change in healthcare, given that the ACA is actually a bipartisan idea, first carried out in Massachusetts as “Romneycare.” At the time, the term “Romneycare” made

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