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Thought for the Day--April 20, 2011: When is Exercise Too Much?

Exercise to live, never live to exercise. --Jack LaLanne Moving our bodies is a good thing and can extend our lives by years. We were given arms and legs for a reason. If we were meant to be blobs, we would look like amoebas! Also, older people can avoid, through exercise, or at the very least lessen, the possibility of ending up impaired or infirmed at an earlier age. However, at what point does exercise become an unhealthy obsession? 1. When exercise becomes the main focus of your life, above and beyond everything else. 2. When your body is constantly achy and sore. 3. You're always tired. 4. You are becoming too thin. 5. Your loved ones are starting to make comments about the time you spend on your treadmill or other equipment. Yesterday, my husband reminded me that I don't have to jump on the treadmill every single day, that taking an occasional day off actually helps my body recover. I took his advice, and I do feel better today. Take a reality check, my cyber friends!

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