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Thought for the Day--March 19, 2011: Size Distortion

Slide Show of Plus Size Models Many of the above models are plus size, but some are not. However, all are absolutely beautiful. _______________________ Keep this in mind: size 12-14 is about average for American women, which is hardly overweight, depending on height and body build. One can be perfectly healthy at sizes 12 and 14. In fact, one can be healthy at larger sizes as well, for other factors, such as activity levels and genetics, can be at play. But if you believe the cult of celebrity, size 14 is absolutely obese. The other day on The Today Show , a commentator on a plus-size fashion segment nonchalantly noted size 14 as a plus size. Really? Is it any wonder that far too many young (and even older) American women have a distorted body image? Don't fall for for the hype that has been promoted by Madison Avenue and by spokeswomen (and men) who live in a rarefied bubble of celebrity, where size 10 is a fashion disaster and size 0 is the Holy Grail. I don't know about you,

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