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Eating Well--and BIG and Tweaking Weight Watchers

Be careful about reading health books. You may die of a misprint. --Mark Twain Last year, on September 11, 2010, when I began my healthy eating regimen, I was certain that eating smaller portions was the way to go. And for a while, concentrating on smaller portions worked very well: I was rarely hungry, and I lost about 25 pounds in less than three months. Life was good, or so I thought... Around Christmas time, I started to feel hungry all the time. At first, I thought, perhaps, that all the holiday goodies were just stimulating my taste buds. But even after the holidays, I was still hungry all the time. Then I heard about the Weight Watchers' new PointsPlus program and 0-points fruits. I had tried the previous WW points program, and I really didn't like it too much; it still felt too much like a diet, and calculations were too cumbersome, but I thought I'd give the new program a try. My plan was to pick up program materials and then not return for meetings

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