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Do NOT Accept...Bad Behavior

Behavior is the mirror in which everyone shows their image. --Johann Wolfgang von Goethe About a month ago, I did something that is generally out of character for me: I posted something nasty on someone else's blog. This is difficult to admit, especially in a public forum, but it must be faced. I won't go into details because the specifics are less important than the act itself, which falls under the heading of "bad behavior." The owner of the blog did the right thing and called me out (on a PM) on what I had said, and he was absolutely right. Even so, I was about to respond in a snarky manner, but then my brain started working right for a change: I stopped my finger in midair from pressing the publish button. "Whoa!" I told myself. "What are you doing?" Then I felt shame because I had forgotten my manners; I was a guest (probably unwanted) on the blogger's site; I was acting like a total Neanderthal and about to compound my idioc

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