Life is a Brand -- My Life Brand

I grew up in an era where “brands” belonged to large corporations like Johnson & Johnson, Ford, and IBM, not ordinary folk like me.
It never occurred to me that my personal blog might need branding, but, apparently, I’m supposed to be promoting and branding my life, and, perhaps, make a little green with it –
The whole thing makes me a bit queasy: who wants to be associated with branded-to-the-hilt Paris Hilton and anything Kardashian?
With a few exceptions, my life has been rather mundane, my day-to-day activities a snore to outsiders and maybe even to family. Do you really want to read about my ailments, gripes, and gossip about people you don’t know? A blow by blow narrative of my trip to Disney World? Photos of people you don’t know? (I thought not.)
I use Facebook for that.
Still, I have been wanting to get away from such an intensive focus on food/dieting and start focusing on...well, I dunno. I’m not young, I’m not drop dead gorgeous, and I can’t sing or dance worth a darn. My artwork is so-so, done for practical purposes. I have a lot of good “conceptual” ideas, but one has to be famous to pull off the “Blank Canvas Triptych” in the art world.
I like to think that I’m a good writer, but I seem to be out of synch with the times there as well, my focus not on vampires, zombies, or nymphomaniacs. I like to read detective and lawyer mysteries, but I don’t want to write them.
So how does one brand, well, the ordinary? Thoughts? Feelings? Day-to-day activities? Minutia? Why would anyone want to brand that? But branding or no branding, I still needed a new name for this blog, something fresh and yet intuitive – and its matching domain name, preferably unhyphenated.
My old domain name was a bit tired-looking, especially with that hyphen ( — really?); the “pure” unhyphenated had sold for over $8,000 – a lot of mazuma, for just a small piece of the web and for such a tiny blog. So I settled for that goofy hyphen with its odd history (Oprah’s company used to own it, but in her infinite wisdom, Oprah allowed it to drop, and along came Jennifer, still smarting at losing FoodForThought by about $7,500, LOL. Why would Oprah, with all her moola, settle for such a strange domain for one of her contests? Only she or staff could answer that...).
As a part of the domain name industry, I am well aware that premium and generic dotcoms are rather pricey, but if you look hard enough, you can still find diamonds in the rough for registering on the cheap at Go Daddy. And short sentence domains fall into that category, on the cusp of becoming expensive pieces of virtual property, but not quite there yet – or perhaps never getting there.
“Life is a Brand” seemed perfect, short, memorable, and a bit snarky and subversive – especially paired with “But I Never Got the Memo” – about the concept of personal branding for the masses, and the domain was available and as pure as the blank posting box, meaning that it had never been used or even registered before, and, thus, free of dark web associations with outfits like the infamous Silk Road and its onion routing servers.
I finally got the memo, so as of September 24, 2014, my subtitle is now My Life Brand.
Oh, the sweet irony! My unbranded blog now has a new name with the word “brand” in it (twice) and, possibly, a new direction.
If you’re one of the two people (out of seven billion) who have bookmarked, fear not; I’m keeping the domain and forwarding it here. Unlike Oprah, I’m hanging on to this gem for a while, along with, the original “unbranded” name for this blog.
Until next time, best to you!


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  2. Very funny, anonymous, sending my readers to a Google page. Beats the male enhancement websites.

    But thanks for the compliment, even though it's highly unlikely that you have even read this post.



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