Fortune Cookie Hall of Fame – Preparation vs. Serendipity

Fortune Cookie Hall of Fame

Fortune Cookie
“There is absolutely no substitute for a genuine lack of preparation.”
A snarky fortune cookie – a very unusual type of message from Fortune Cookie Land.
But I love it because lack of preparation can lead us down dangerous paths, for example, not thinking twice before walking in a dodgy part of town at 2:00 a.m.; such a poor decision could cost one’s life.
In my line of work, not preparing before buying an expensive domain name can have terrible financial repercussions. Paying $10,000 for would be ill-advised, simply because it’s a crappy name in a crappy extension. Even purchasing a so-called wonderful name like could have devastating effects on one’s bottom line because combining Apple with its product names would open one’s company up to a dreaded Uniform Domain-Name Dispute-Resolution Policy (UDRP) threat.
Why? Because Apple has a trademark on all things iMac, and it would be foolish to go against this mega corporation. Fortunately, is already owned by Apple.
It pays to conduct some basic research on all names, simply because not all trademarks are famous, and one could inadvertently buy a TM’ed domain. Be prepared before buying.
On the other hand, I have also bought “brandable” domains, usually created out of made-up terms, based on intuition. I still check for trademarks, but if I like a “term” and feel it has monetary possibilities, I don’t pay a lot of attention to metrics and analytics for it. I may even pay low $$$ for it.
I recently sold one of my “gut feelings” for $5,000.
Sometimes one should just throw caution out the window; buying a lovely mineral specimen on impulse (and perhaps even overpaying a bit) can be a heady experience. I wouldn’t do this on a daily basis, but once in a while, it’s cool and fun.
Come to think of it, there’s a nice yellow calcite at my local rock shop...
Have a good day, and keep on reading those fortune cookies messages.

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