Thought for the Day--February 21, 2011: Mystery Menu

When faced with an unknown menu, before leaving home, pre-eat a low-point, high protein food and 0 point foods.

Today I was faced with an unknown menu (I wasn't in a position to ask about it), so I ate an egg-white omelet with cheese (2 points) and an apple (0 points).

It worked beautifully!

The menu turned out to be fairly safe (half wraps), but there were some food traps: potato chips and cookies.

I was able to make an informed decision whether or not to nosh on the chips and cookies (I didn't), but had I been starving, I probably would have indulged, which would have resulted in unplanned eating of junk food.

I ate one half wrap (most of the tortilla, all of the filling), but I was still a bit hungry, so I took another half wrap and just ate the meat (lean ham).

So, mostly, there are strategies for avoiding the numerous foods traps that our culture sets for us.

NOTE: I'm not saying that you should never eat goodies--never deprive yourself if you really want something yummy--but I hadn't planned for these foods and didn't want them.

I'm trying like crazy to get my book formatted and ready to take to Macedonia. But I forgot about the acknowledgments page and how much time it will take to get it ready. I may not make it.



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