Thought for the Day--February 25, 2011: Shopping and Eating Out in Skopje

Pir-V in Skopje, Macedonia

Don't forget to take outside walks.

The treadmill may be convenient, but it can be boring as well.

In Skopje, walking is such a pleasure--lots of places to see. Today, we went to the center of Skopje and visited some of my favorite shops in center city.

One of my absolute faves is Pir-V (now renamed, but I can't remember the new name):
A superb collection of antiques, bric-a-brac, Yugolav relics, books, medals and more. Find it hidden slightly away in the big empty courtyard to the northwestern corner of [City Gallery in the square]
They also have a small shop, recently opened, in the Turkish Market.

I bought a stone necklace and bracelet and a lovely textile that has gold threading woven throughout.

We also ate at a lovely mall restaurant called Anatoljias, where they serve outstanding "skara" (grilled meat), both tasty and nutritious. I ordered marinated chicken on a skewer. One of the side dishes was a barley-type grain, which I loved! Much better than the typical French Fries.

For dessert, I enjoyed one scoop of almond gelato (Italian ice cream)--if you have never enjoyed gelato, you haven't lived!

I have pretty much decided NOT to track during this vacation but to still take care in what I choose to eat. Tracking is nearly impossible here--the food labels are in Cyrillic and in tiny letters. Parsing out ingredients in restaurant food can be bewildering (well, skara is fairly easy to calculate). We'll see if that's a good decision. I'll do the best I can...

Amy, my son's girlfriend, is giving a presentation tomorrow at FON University. We went to Lile's, our long-time friend, so that she could press her outfit.

We all hit the sack fairly early.


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