Thought for the Day--March 12, 2011: Food Traps

Supermarket Psychology


Supermarkets are sensory food traps, designed to entice you to buy and eat foods you don't really want or need.

If you don't believe me, read here and see the above YouTube video.

So how to avoid the snack food and candy aisles or at least mitigate the possibility of loading up your cart with foods that don't feed your body right?
1. Before going to the store, make a list, and once there, stick to it.

2. Don't go to the store hungry; eat a meal or snack beforehand.

3. If possible, leave the kiddies at home; they are pure id and will toss anything and everything, which you will end up eating, in your cart.
Of course, you may still enjoy your special treats, but do so by planning in advance what you will and will not buy.

Bon Appetit.


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