Thought for the Day--March 3, 2011: Social Calendar

Today was a very busy social calendar day.

At 13:00 (1:00 p.m.) we met with Emilja for Meze (a small meal that is often served on the coffee table) and caught up with her take on life at the university.

Then we visited the American Corner, just to say hello. Jerry joined (I had joined back in 2005), so now he will get the email notices for all the cool events we won't be able to attend.

After the AC, we stopped at Deko's to see Dean and to buy some jewelry (a silver ring with a large Serbian Green Opal), a gem (a peach cabochon Moonstone with a play of light), and two Macedonian crystals (a quartz and smoky quartz). Actually, Dean gave me the Moonstone.

Dean is such a gentle and kind spirit.

Later, at Cafe Magor, I met with some of my former students--it was great seeing them again! They were the ones who had helped make my Fulbright year so special and rewarding; I hope I was able to return the favor to them.

I published some of their work on, my online literary journal.

Later, I met with Igor, the former librarian at the university, and his partner for drinks and a small meal (Pumpkin soup and warm bread).

I was so glad to see him again. He really helped me navigate the rocky shoals of Eastern European university life.

He's lively, just fun to be around.


It's always good to catch up with good friends.


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