Thought for the Day--March 31, 2011: Tornadoes in Florida and Conference

I'm enjoying my conference (St. Petersburg), but the weather outside has been wild, some tornadoes in Tampa and high winds and pounding rain here.

It's crazy! I thought I would get away from "Weather" by being in Florida, but, instead, it has followed me here.

It's supposed to be nice tomorrow (April Fools' Day), though. I hope so. It's a nine-block walk to my hotel, and I'd rather walk it in nice weather.

Tonight, I (the president) met with the new Creative Writing committee; we have agreed that our organization should develop a creative writing journal but that, due to costs, it should be online. We named the journal, but I'll talk about that later, since I have not yet snagged its domain name. Besides, it's not a done deal because the Board must approve it.

Jerry (my husband), Larry Rubin (a Southern poet), and I are planning to see Who's Afraid of Virginia Wolf at the the American Stage in St. Petersburg. Kind of eerie, what with the recent death of Elizabeth Taylor (who played Martha in the original play and film).

We always hang out with Larry during this conference, and our Friday night tradition is to attend a local cultural event. I always look forward to it!

Lasy year, I was on my Fulbright (in Macedonia), so I couldn't attend this conference, and I really missed it!

Until tomorrow!


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