Thought for the Day--April 7, 2011: Just for a Week...

Last week, I was at a 4-day conference in St. Petersburg. Except for Thursday (torrential rain and tornadoes), the weather was lovely: perfect postcard blue skies, low humidity, and just-right temperatures.

I had a good time, probably too much fun with the Key Lime Pie and an extra-large plate of Chicken Pad Thai, which I polished off.

And then there were the accidental French Fries, which arrived instead of the salad I ordered.

My mistake: not sending the fries back right away. I ate about half of them. That episode triggered a mini-binge later that night. It seems that whenever I eat too many simple carbohydrates, it kicks up that ugly hunger beast...

And, of course, then I feel physically lousy and guilty.

So this week, I have decided to NOT use my extra PointsPlus, not to punish myself, but to reset my hunger index, somewhat out of whack, back to where it was a week ago.

I am NOT starving myself--that never works for me. Instead, I am concentrating on eating whole foods (Power Foods in Weight Watchers' speak), such as raw veggies, fruits, and high fiber foods.

Just for a week, I can do anything because starting next Monday, I can loosen up again.

This kind of preemptive action works for me because I'm the one who has decided to tighten up a bit and only for a limited period of time.

I'm doing this to get my body back on track, not to beat myself up.

In the bad old days, I would have set an unrealistic goal ("I'll eat only 500 calories a day for one month..."), which I could never sustain.

Stay satisfied, my cyber friends...


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