Thought for the Day--April 9, 2011: Got 0? (The Apple, Part 2)

Apples are not only tasty and sweet, with a variety for about every taste and cooking purpose, they are also portable.

For Thursday night's Baltimore Orioles game, I brought much of my own food (and a good thing, too, because the new concessions' provider has done a poor job of "upgrading" the fare and providing affordable low cal options):
--An apple

--Sunflower seeds, 1 ounce in the shell (which I ate on the way to the Ballpark)

--Sliced carrots

--A Fiber Plus bar

--Diet A&W Root Beer (in plastic bottle, no glass or cans are allowed in the park)

--One 5-point portion of pistachios (which I didn't eat, but I ate everything else, lol)
This fare was supplemented by an overpriced pit beef sandwich ($10.00!!!), which made my wallet much lighter, but it was a better choice than a hot dog. (My plan for this week, and for this week only, is not to use my extra PointsPlus; however, I don't recommend this as a permanent practice).

The apple (Gala variety) was, by far, the most satisfying food that night. It was tasty, filling, and had a positive effect on my physical well-being.

Have you noticed how fresh you feel after eating an apple?

It's truly a Wash and Go food.

Be well, my cyber friends.


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