Shopping with a Friend

If men liked shopping, they'd call it research.
--Cynthia Nelms
On Saturday (yesterday), I had a wonderful outing with Amy Golightly, my son's (Eric Brown) girlfriend.

Better to do something than sit around home, thinking about how much I hurt and what a bummer that we couldn't go to the Merkel picnic in Willow Grove, PA, two hours away.

I really wanted to go.

My injury is odd in that it's more comfortable to walk around than to sit for long periods of time.
Slow walk in mall and stores = no problem.

CAREFUL walk on the treadmill = no problem.

Sitting on my posterior = PAIN!!!

Bending over = PAIN!!!

Laying flat = Depends on position.
It was neat going out with Amy and just chatting about, well, you know, girl stuff. Jerry joined us for lunch, but we decided that the rest of the day would be just the girls and sent him home. We headed for T.J. Maxx and Home Goods, places I have visited but not often.

I bought a heart-shaped onyx heart, two tops, bath salts, and an ergonomic purse, which I may or may not keep (I'm leaning toward keeping, but I want to pack it up first and test it later after my back heals). Amy bought a pretty aqua sun dress and two table cloths.

I may test the bath salts tonight.

We had a tornado warning, but I didn't get too frightened, and it expired without incident.

Just another ordinary day in which I just had fun and no astounding insights to offer.


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