The Limerick Project: There was once a poet named Immerick...

I love Limericks--perhaps it's the Irish in me--so when I found an old book filled with Limericks, I bought it:
Limerick Lyrics, edited by Stanton Vaughn, published by Sully and Kleinteich, 1906.
This little volume contains well over 500 Limericks, all public domain, so, over time, I will post most of them on this site.

I haven't felt much like posting regular articles here lately, so these Limericks will fill in the gaps.

An opening "double" Limerick from the book:
There was once a poet named Immerick,
Who worked 40 days on a "Limerick,"
At the end of which time,
He remarked of his rhyme,
"There's a limp in the limb of my Limerick."
I never could quite see the trick,
I never wrote a limerick,
I've often tried
And gone to bed a-feelin' sick.
Also, if I run across any other public domain Limericks, I'll post them here.



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