On-going Projects: Memoir Madness and Luna Drive

Cherokee Mental Health Institute, August 30, 2004

I keep promising myself that I will complete Memoir Madness and get it ready for publication.

Slowly, this is happening. I have completed the final proofreading and acknowledgement list (credit for sources). I tried to be thorough in verifying local and national events of the time, not always an easy task.

Internet sources for 1968-1969 events can be problematic and potentially inaccurate. But if a source matches up with my memory and/or letters, then I figure that the source and my memory are accurate.

The problem occurs when I can't find verification for a locale or event, such as the Mission Hotel or the tear gas attack there on New Year's Eve (1968). This was a major event in my life, and it's like it never existed (except in my mind)! But this is one memory that is vivid, so I know it happened. Still, I can't help but have doubts. So I plan to admit (in the acknowledgements) that I can't verify the memory from outside sources, thus leaving it up to my readers to believe or not believe.

I'm currently working on selecting photographs for the middle spread. Most of the personal photos are of poor quality (but they will have to do), and I have no photos of when I was in the institution.

In the middle of this project, I got an idea for re-purposing and re-titling an old novel, formerly Stratum and now Luna Drive.

You can read more about Luna Drive here.


Memoir Madness: Driven to Involuntary Commitment

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