"De Calf!" A Goofy Poem (for Rhia)

I am spending a perfectly goofy day with Rhia, my granddaughter, drawing pictures (Rhia) and writing goofy poems (me).

Rhia noticed this "De Calf" magnet notepad on our refrig, something that has been there forever and largely unnoticed, but credit a kid for noticing details like that--always seeing things in a new way.

So we have been playing around with drawings (see Rhia.tv for some of her drawings from the past two days) and poems on it.

I wrote this silly piece of fluff (Pictured in image above) for Rhia:
There was a little calf
Who loved to swim in decaf,
The hotter and sweeter
The better, sometimes
With cream,
Sometimes not,
But always diving in
With a toothy grin.
Sometimes it's just good to have a frivolous day with someone you love.


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