Favorite Ads: "Maxwell," Geico's Little Piggy

Okay, I admit it.

I'm a sucker for great advertising.

And I adore Geico's Little Piggy ad.

We all know the children's story of The Three Little Pigs, so Geico's ad agency has capitalized on consumers' prior knowledge and assumptions to develop an ad that tells an entire story in 30 seconds.

Sharp writing at its best--and I'm envious.

Although I find this ad hysterically funny, I also love Maxwell the Little Piggy's sheer exuberance and joie de vivre. Unlike his counterparts, the embarrassed boy and his exasperated mother, Maxwell doesn't care what others think about him, or, perhaps, he's so naive that he doesn't know that less-enlightened others find him annoying.

It doesn't matter; no one is going to rain on his parade!

Kudos to Geico and cute little Maxwell.

Note: I have not been paid by Geico to publish this post.

Moreover, the webmaster does not necessarily endorse this company's product and/or service.


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