Summer, the 20-Minute Rule, and Republicans

One swallow alone does not make the summer.
--Cervantes, Don Quixote
It's hot today, thunderstorms expected later.

Summer is not my favorite season, and this summer seems particularly brutal.

Global warming? I don't know, though I wouldn't rule it out...

This, too, will soon pass.

I'm back on my program, after a rather long lapse. I'm not sure what has happened--I suppose my head has been in the wrong place. Certainly, my fork and spoon have been dipping in the wrong places.

I am trying something a bit different: waiting 20 minutes after dinner before eating desert, and waiting at least 20 minutes after a snack before reaching for another one, even an on-points snack. It's very simple to do, and I figure I can wait 20 minutes easily enough ("I can do anything I want after 20 minutes"). I simply set the oven timer and go off to do something else. Sometimes I forget (so, no, I'm not hungry), and sometimes I wait impatiently for that timer to go off (Yes, I'm hungry or hungry for something).

Such a simple thing to do...

Sometimes, delaying the impulse to eat knocks it out. Of course, this will only work if one is NOT really hungry.

So don't expect a truly starving person to wait 20 minutes before ripping into those ribs...

From the annals of irony:
Staunch Republicans peddling "government-backed" reverse mortgage programs. Both Pat Boone and Fred Thompson are starring in TV commercials in which they push this potentially dangerous product to senior citizens.

Buyer Beware!
High-level Republicans are two-faced, touting the free-enterprise system while sticking their hands in the public trough and gaming the system against the middle class and the poor.

And pumping iffy products to a vulnerable population.

Have a nice day!


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