Zomga.com -- Zomga

Zomga.com -- Zomga
“Exuberance is beauty.”
– William Blake

I recently acquired another unusual and cool domain – Zomga.com — one that offers some meaning, at least in the urban dictionary:

Zomga is “an emphasized way of saying of omg. Often used to express sarcasm, or disbelief. Can also be considered part of the leet language and or culture.”

I don’t know that the Urban Dictionary is the definitive last word on definitions, but this one actually makes sense.
I can also see zomga as a cool kind of dance move, a happy exuberant dance with lots of movement, or a game.
“Zomga” could also be a brand name for a company or product.

I’m not sure I want to sell this one, which is why I have noted this in my personal blog, instead of my Brands Z sales site, where if you’re looking for a cool “Z” brand name to buy, you just might find it there.


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