Weather -- The Great Ice Storm of 2014 (Photos)

Our Front Yard
Ice-Coated Tree Limbs!
York, Pennsylvania, February 5, 2014

Miss T! Poor Lonely Cold Car
York, Pennsylvania, February 5, 2014

Our Backyard
York, Pennsylvania, February 5, 2014

More Backyard
Note the Ice-Coated Wire being Held up by a Tree Limb
York, Pennsylvania, February 5, 2014

These photos look lovely, but this is actually a very dangerous situation. Many trees and electrical lines in our area are down.

All the power lines and tree limbs are coated with ice, and high winds are expected tonight.

150,000 households are without power and the electric company officials warn that restoration may take days.

We live across the street from Met-Ed headquarters, so maybe we will be okay.

Wish us luck!

Cheeky Google!
This Photo was Added as a "Awesome" Photo
Then Falling Snow Was Added

Those Google boys and girls are just jealous because they have to lap up all that California sunshine, therefore living winter vicariously by tagging photos.



 California Dreamin'
Eat your heart out, Google!


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