VIP Travel Reservations, Inc.: SPAMMER ALERT and WARNING! Lawbreaking Outfit Ignores the National and Pennsylvania Do-Not-Call Lists

Bernard Madoff, Prisoner #61727-054
Federal Correctional Complex, Butner
Granville County, North Carolina

I have left a legacy of shame, as some of my victims have pointed out, to my family and my grandchildren. This is something I will live in for the rest of my life. I’m sorry.
— Bernard Madoff, convicted felon, apologizing to the victims of his investment fraud

Despite our being on the Pennsylvania and National Do-not-call lists, we keep getting calls from an outfit called VIP Travel Reservations, Inc.
How they got our number and name, I do not know; we have an unlisted number.
Their callers are rude, lying thieves, and not very bright, given that they won’t give up, even as you are yelling at them. Why on earth would one want to engage with people who are not interested in your “service”?
So far, we have received six calls, all during the dinner hour – as if we, while enjoying our meal, would be delighted to hear from dodgy strangers.
Here are the details:

Call # 1: When I informed the caller that our number was on the Do-not-call list, this idiot had the audacity to insist that the Do-not-call lists do not exist.
What a howler.
I hung up on her.

Call #2: I informed him that we had already been called and to please remove us from their list. Instead, he started talking over me with his “script.”
I was done being polite. I said, “I don’t want to talk with you people!”
Idiot caller #2 accused me of “discrimination” – yes, I do discriminate against rude people who push their way into my home, uninvited.
Once I started talking lawsuit, he hung up.

Call #3: Again, I reminded the woman that I was on the Do-Not-Call list. This idiot tried to change tactics by saying she was not selling anything but conducting a survey.
I said, “I don’t answer surveys, either” and hung up.
Yeah, I’m going to hand over my personal information to scammers and thieves – I’ll get right on that.

Calls #4 and #5: Ghost calls with heavy breathing. NNNNiiicccceee.

Call #6: Caller asks for my husband by name.
Me: “He’s not here; may I take a message?” By now, I’m suspicious...
He: “Are you Mrs. _______?”
Me: “May I ask who is calling, please?”
He: “Never mind. Why don’t you go back to playing with your ABC blocks?”
Me: “Screw you!” and some other choice words, not fit for my sweet blog.
He: Hangs up.

Okay, here’s the deal: if you’re conducting a bonafide business, offering a real service or product at a fair price, why would your telemarketers be trained to act like complete jackasses by demeaning customers to whom they are trying to convince to buy something?
For the following reasons, VIP Travel Reservations, Inc., is most likely a scamming, thieving boiler room operation, designed to part you with your money:

1. Their telemarketers ignore the Do-Not-Call list because they realize that they are one step ahead of the law. Evidently, there are enough “marks” (I’m not one of them, thank you), out there that make these boiler room tactics successful, even if they are on the run most of the time. Legalities mean nothing to them.
2. They try to “trick” you with bogus contests and sweepstakes – in other words, blatant lies told by accomplished liars.
3. When you don’t bite, they become rude and abusive.
4. Despite clear evidence that the recipient of their calls is really not interested, they persist with numerous calls – as if being called an F-word weren’t enough to strike a potential mark from their list.

Okay, let’s suppose that you listen to their spiel and are tempted to bite and accept their offer.
My advice: don’t.
It will sound too good to be true – that’s because it is too good to be true.
Once a scammer senses any kind of “trust” on your part, he or she will tell you what you want to hear, not necessarily the truth. In fact, it will be a bald-face lie, 100%. The scammer will appeal to your greed – who doesn’t want something for cheap or even free? After all, everyone loves a bargain – because he/she works for a company set up to part you from your hard-earned cash.
But you have to question why this stranger wants to give away free travel and other gifts to you. Never forget: there is always an angle, an angle that will never benefit anyone but the caller’s company.
Good rule of thumb: don’t engage with telemarketers who cold-call you; you dont know who is on the other end.
In fact, even be wary when it’s good old Uncle Joe who has the “can’t miss” investment scheme.
Remember Bernie Madoff? He “made off” with millions of dollars from friends and family members and is now serving time in prison. His marks – mostly friends, neighbors, and family – lost just about everything they had by investing in a “can’t lose” scheme.
His apology to his victims seems especially hollow, given that his most of his victims are still without financial relief.
Madoff is sorry because he got caught.

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