Don’t Worry, Dotcom! No Need to Move Over – Not Just Yet, Anyway!

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“Only those who will risk going too far can possibly find out how far one can go.”
– T. S. Eliot

Okay, it’s time to weigh in once again on the new gTLDs (pro) and gTLDs (con), and the preliminary numbers aren’t pretty. As of today, just a smidge over 1,000,000 new G’s have been registered for the 200 + released thus far, and some of those are a result of padding (also known as papering the house, as defined by veteran domainer Ron Jackson of, via registrations “gifted” to often unknowing .com registrants. (See also Domain Incite.)
I’m not going into this ethical lapse here, because in the long run, I don’t think it will matter in terms of overall success or failure, although it always matters when a business or individual sets out to deceive potential customers into buying a questionable product.
If you are not already familiar with the controversy, just motor on over to and, both domain news aggregators, and find the relevant posts between June 1, 2014, to about June 8, 2014. You can also find some posts that offer registration statistics and rankings for the individual gTLDs.
For now, my own proclamation is as follows:

“The new gTLDs are epic fails, at least for the foreseeable future.”

The last part of my statement is important to note because I do believe that there is a future for them. I predict that acceptance by the mainstream will occur once large brands start using and advertising their .brands (.Verizon, .Canon, etc.).
However, history has shown that Big Business is slow to respond to new trends. I remember the slow acceptance of the internet itself and even .com. One only has to look at some print newspapers and magazines and their failure to set up a web presence until it was almost too late – in some cases, it was too late, with some publications folding altogether.
So given my age, investing in hundreds of these new G’s would be foolish.
My March 5, 2014, post – Move Over, Dotcom, Here Comes the New .Whatever! The On-going gTLD “Debate”! And Let’s Go Viral! – was cautiously optimistic. I had decided to invest in a few, either for resale or defensive purposes.
But my buying has now pretty much come to a screeching halt. I may register a few .web domains, but, then again, I may not.
Still, given my original cautious support, I would be remiss if I didn’t fess up and reveal my own registrations, some of them speculative, some of them defensive, some for personal use.
Of the 34 total domains, you will see some two and three word domains – in hindsight, I would not register these, at least at this time. I recommend sticking with one-word gTLDs that actually fit the extension.
In other words, would appear to be odd, while makes sense. Finding keywords that fit the extension was certainly my goal.
Personal Use (2):
Aunt.Sexy (I also have
DearAunt.Sexy (I also have

Defensive: (6)
JenniferInternational.Domains (Total crap, but there you have it.)

Investment Domains (26):
TopReal.Estate (also picked up

So there you have it, my little adventure in new gTLD land.
If you have any interest in my investment gTLDs, shoot me an offer by emailing at

Info [at] JenMail [dot] com

Please don’t bother if you are not willing to include a fair price.
Also, if you are new to domaining, please stay away from such investments; get to know this field first. But worry not: if you want one of my gTLDs and have the cash, I won’t be checking out your domaining bonafides before selling to you.
Just sayin’.
Thank you.


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