Strange Funky Ceramic Vase with Handle and “Crackle” Finish

Funky Ceramic Vase with Handle and “Crackle” Finish
“You say freak, I say unique.” 
― Christian Baloga

This vase is probably the oddest item I have ever found and actually bought; I found it about two years ago at a thrift shop.
At first, I didn’t like it a lot, and I nearly passed it up, but it’s so different that, over time, it has grown on me.
It’s  a green, white, and blue striped vase with handle, with a “crackle” finish.
There is a signature on the bottom, but it’s an unreadable squiggle.
It looks old, but it just could have had a rough life (when I acquired it, it smelled like cigarette smoke), obviously well-used.
Has anybody seen this kind of ceramic, and, if so, does anyone know anything about it?
I looked on the internet, but I found nothing about this type of ceramic.
In my search, I may be using incorrect terminology, or it could be a homemade, one-of-a-kind, item.


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