At a Crossroads and Ordering the Number 1

At every crossroads on the path that leads to the future, tradition has placed 10,000 men to guard the past.

I’m experiencing an identity crisis – nothing serious, just stuck at a crossroads, particularly about this blog.
Sometimes I want to rebrand (again), but to what?
While “Life is a Brand” and its matching domain name are not exactly exciting, the search engines seem to like it, at least to the extent that they haven’t sent this blog to the cyberspace version of Siberia.
I have some great candidate domains, but their themes seem too confining – for example, At the moment, it has its own site, but once one has discussed why one writes, what is left?
How many times can I discuss my process for writing?
More important, “Who cares”?
Meanwhile, the “Why I Write” blog is essentially inactive – not good for ranking on the search engines, borne out by its current search engine location (Cyber Siberia).
For rebranding “Life is a Brand,” I could use one of my “brandable” popular culture domains, such as or, both still under consideration. These are great fun and memorable domains and only five letters long, but popular culture terms come and go.
On the other hand, my blog could keep one of these terms alive to the public.
Two days ago, I registered While this domain is cute and sassy, it would be false advertising – I tend not to be bitchy on my various blogs, mostly contemplative, sometimes humorous.
Facebook is another matter – nutty and hypocritical politicians drive me nuts – so now redirects there (although this may change, so don’t be surprised if it eventually ends up leading somewhere else; I promise, it will be safe).
I don’t want to return to my focus on food, exercise, and diet – that topic seems to have dried up fast. Such a site should be major, employing several blog writers, including experts in the field of diet, exercise, and nutrition, writers with different perspectives. My own interest in this topic has waxed and waned. At the moment, my interest is minimal (for reasons I may discuss in a later post).
But for this post I do have a food-related tidbit to share, which will result into my admitting to a secret addiction:
There. I said it – out of the bag and available to seven billion people (minus North Korea and other despot countries keeping their citizens off the net).
Oh-oh. Busted.
I particularly love Homicide Hunter with Joe Kenda (Interview and Bio). I love Lt. Kenda’s dry humor, soft-spoken demeanor, empathy, his no B.S. attitude, and his drive to solve cases that might have been unsolvable (He’s now retired).
My, my, my.
Anyway, in last night’s episode, Lt. Kenda was talking about grabbing fast food through a drive-thru when he received a homicide call. He said that he was in the middle of ordering a Number 1, that he always ordered the Number 1, no matter where he ordered, because it was faster, and he didn’t care what he ate anyway, that from a gustatory standpoint eating was totally unimportant to him.
Wow. A totally alien concept.
In my case, eating is too important, and I would like to arrive at a point where it would become less so, but I’m not sure I would want it to become totally unimportant. Eating is more than just taking in nutrition; it also serves an important social bond among family and friends, both every day and during special events and holidays.
So both Lt. Kenda and I are missing out on what makes eating such a pleasant experience: his “meh” attitude and my obsession (I often miss out on the social aspects because I’m too busy contemplating the bread, not the breaking).
It was kind of an aha moment for me...
Enough of that...  
Meanwhile, I have been busy with my internet work; my parent company is still Jennifer International (which will leave me open to other business interests), but I have rebranded my main domain home page to and my actual sales site (Description: THE Name Page), which now boasts over 600 domains for sale and counting.
So I have been writing short sales pitches for the sales site, some of them humorous or snarky, most of them mundane.
But I do have an idea to take some select domain names, write flash fiction pieces for them, and post them here with a link to the sales page and auction site.
I have already done this with (a humorous hard-boiled detective piece, posted on the sales site) and (a lost-relationship piece, posted on this blog).
It’s kind of cool merging my two interests.
So that’s all for now.


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