Talk Diet: Part of My Brand (Such as It Is), and Let’s Try Again (With More Realistic Expectations)

Background: *“Soy-whey-protein-diet” by Peggy Greb
My doctor told me to stop having intimate dinners for four. Unless there are three other people.

In late July, I woke up in the middle of the night with the worst acid reflux that I have ever experienced in my life – so bad that I could barely breathe.
If you have ever experienced acid reflux, you know how unpleasant and scary it can be. Well, multiply this event by 10.
I was on vacation and had (ahem) eaten some things I had should not have eaten so close to bedtime – at least without taking my Zantac 75.
But I got cocky. You think I would have learned by now, but evidently not.
When I returned from my vacay, I decided to (once again) start taking better care of myself and watch what I eat and, most importantly, when I eat it.
Now I don’t want to rebrand this site back into a “diet” blog – I do have varied interests, and I want to keep it that way. Becoming overly focused on food is dangerous in that this topic consumes me for a while, but then...
I’m done with it and back to eating all wrong again.
But then I found a domain name I liked: I thought, “Wow! What a great name for the diet section of my blog.”
 So I will be tagging all my “diet” posts with the label “Talk Diet” and redirecting to these posts.
Now back to this Talk Diet post.
I have now been on this new regimen for five weeks.
For the first four weeks, I still had to take my Zantac every night before bedtime. I was beginning to think that this was going to be a life-long requirement, but, then, last week, my esophagus and stomach settled down, so I decided to risk not taking it.
So far, seven days later, I have been okay without it (YAAAAY!)
I’m realistic enough to know that I will overeat during the holidays and at social gatherings, so then I will take the Zantac before bed, but it will be an occasional thing, not every night.
Having a funky stomach does help me keep on the straight and narrow – this could be a good or bad thing.
I’ve fallen back on a modified Weight Watchers plan, but without the baggage of keeping a food journal. If I keep my diet relatively simple and stupid, I find that I don’t need to write anything down. I’m a boring eater; I have a tendency to eat the same foods, whether it’s a bag of chips or a piece of fruit.
The KISS diet.
It helps that as I get older, I don’t get as hungry as I used to, and I fill up faster. The downside: it’s more difficult to drop pounds.
So I have come to the conclusion that I will likely always be overweight, but at least I’ll feel better in this big old body of mine.


* Background for Talk Diet Logo:  “Soy-whey-protein-diet” by Peggy GrebUSDA ARS - This image was released by the Agricultural Research Service, the research agency of the United States Department of Agriculture, with the ID K9093-1 and has been released into the public domain.


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